FUTUREAL... Can't Make This Stuff Up

Living in the flow, guided by synchronicities, where science meets mystery

Image of Morning Mist from Al's Drone, Dawn at Symbiosis Eclipse Festival, 2018
Image of Morning Mist from Al's Drone, Dawn at Symbiosis Eclipse Festival, 2017

Who Inhabits Futurepeak, and what is life there like?

As members of the post post modern era, we have crossed over many terrains familiar and foreign on the road to the new normal. Over the last few decades, we revelled in the many opportunities to dissolve and evolve this mutating millenial norm field, and together we made our choices with compassion, care, and a genuine desire to see the end of all unnecessary suffering. Healing, heartfulness, and hope have been abundant as we face the challenges of crossing over to a new era of life on our paradise planet. Our group mind includes many deep souls who have arrived at this time nexus with valuable wisdom, and an awareness of lessons of the past that greatly enhance the eternal priorities of life in a powerful and creative universe. In order to ease the way for those of our peers on the frontier who are more burdened with soul baggage and unfinished business, we await the many sprouts who are turning their hopeful faces toward the same great light of love that guides us all toward the breathtaking and beautiful future.

So, if you are finding this blogpost, this media, this trail of breadcrumbs left by friends on the frontier of the fabulous future, welcome and we look forward to your arrival in our space. Ring a bell to notify us that you have arrived, and we will respond asap. See you in the near future.

Futurepeak is...

A place where we collect sunshine, live lovingly with nature, and make media memories with our community.

Allan and Sun are...

Two people who trust humanity with life, love, liberty and the future, and collect stories that make it all better.